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Lanzhou International Marathon, initiated from 2011, is a race co-organized by Chinese Athletic Association, Gansu Provincial Bureau of Sports, Lanzhou Municipal People’s Government, and has been held consecutively for two editions. The race has got influential effect in and abroad China with its largest scale and most participation in Lanzhou, Gansu Province. The first edition was held on 3 July, 2011, involving 18750 participants from 16 countries and regions, 9 provinces and cities. 2012 Lanzhou International Marathon was held on 10 June, with 32658 participants from 23 countries and regions. The 2013 edition will he held at 8am of 15 June, with around 40,000 participants setting out from the Red Square. In order to make the race into a brand carnival with high competitiveness, high specialization and large scale, the race Committee this year has invited about 20 elite athletes to develop race competitiveness, at the same time introducing new HD TV broadcast by CCTV sports channel.

Lanzhou International Marathon is carefully crafted on the course along the Yellow River line which is spotted with beautiful natural scenery and mountains and waters along the way, and it combines the Marathon sprit challenge themselves , beyond the limit, perseverance, never giving up) and Yellow River Culturerestlessly running together to be upgrade to a unique race in Northwest China.

Lanzhou International Marathon has been honorably awarded as China’s “Best Marathon” and “Marathon Gold Label Race” by Chinese Athletics Association, meanwhile it has upgraded into one of the National Scoring Races. After these two successful edition, the race has achieved great success. Firstly, it has promoted city’s  image and influence, speeding up the pace of “let Lanzhou Walk to the World, Let the World know Lanzhou”. Secondly, it largely exhibits the scenery charm of the Yellow River and Lanzhou’s city, involve participants in the city like a piece of orchid and a home. Thirdly, The race has stimulates citizens’ sense of pride and honor,which is actively converted to speed up the power of urban development, affect the progress of civilization and development. Fourthly, it soon accumulates various economic elements, such as people’s flow, logistics information flow, as well as capital flow , forming into a “Lanzhou Hot”.Fifthly, it has developed the race social awareness. Lanzhou International Marathon has irritated a lot of applaud and discussion from media, citizens and net citizens.